Welcome to the NEW NJProghouse Website!

It’s been a long time coming….  but we finally have a new website.. The ticketing system we are using now is not what I had originally planned on…… Unfortunately earlier today the system decided to not do anything it is supposed to do, and all the things it should not… Lucky for me I had […]

Mike Keneally Wing Beat Fantastic Duo Tour with Rick Musallam on 09/18/12

Mike Keneally Announces Wing Beat Fantastic Tour with Rick MusallamAcclaimed recording artist and performer Mike Keneally is celebrating the release of his magical new album, Wing Beat Fantastic, by scheduling a series of intimate duo performances with musical compatriot Rick Musallam.Wing Beat Fantastic is the highly anticipated result of a songwriting union between the famed […]

BEARDFISH will release their new album, “The Void”, on August 27th/28th via InsideOut Music.

Only about 1 ½ years after the release of their last record “Mammoth”, Beardfish are now back with a new masterpiece. “The Void” will be released on August 27th 2012 in Europe and on August 28th 2012 in the US via InsideOutMusic.y It is darker, heavier and in some parts it even has a bit […]

Stretch: 5/8/2009

Artist: Stretch ( Dave Larue, Glen Alexander, Bill Elder) Date: May 8, 2009 Venue: NJProghouse Presents @ Rock’n Joes, Kendall Park NJ Photo Credit: Alan Benjamin

Riverside: Crossroads Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ (September 12th, 2008 )

All photos by: Artistic Expressions http://www.artisticexpressionsvideo.com/

Frogg Café (4.12.2007) Old Franklin Schoolhouse