Graphic novel artist forms new progressive rock project, After his art being commissioned by former members of King Crimson.

Specimen13Graphic novel artist and percussionist Denis Rodier has joined forces with ex-Talisma guitarist Martin Vanier to release their own progressive rock musical project called Specimen13.

On February 19, 2013, Specimen13 will release their debut EP Echosystem, which features guest performance from Levin and Mastelotto as well as progressive rock heavyweights Trey Gunn and Markus Reuter. Produced by Reuter and Unsung Productions, the EP also features Unsung artists Adrian Benavides and Alex Dowerk.

The initial EP features powerful eclectic Prog Rock similar to the contemporary stylings of Tool, Porcupine Tree, and the more recent works of King Crimson.

The release of Echosystem is the introductory phase of the Specimen13 project. To build on Vanier and Rodier’s creative synergy, the latter will add his years of graphic novel and visual art experience to take the project in multimedia directions.

Rodier has begun work on a complete graphic novel to accompany the project. The novel will be serialized on the web and plans to develop Web TV type videos to accompany the music are also on the table. Specimen13 is at work on a full length CD as well, which, more than likely, will feature the same team of all-star collaborators.

German prog rock site Babyblaue Seiten wrote of an early release copy of the EP: “Echosystem is …impressive. Industrial rhythms, jagged guitar riffs, powerful soundscapes, scratchy bass and Touch guitar runs whirl lively and powerful. Sounds are mixed up in quite a breathtaking manner. It is powerful, intricate, modern, entertaining progressive rock of the modern age.”

Rodier is a graphic novel author that has collaborated on some of the most popular American comic series in history, such as Batman, Captain America and above all, Superman. It was his work in these publications that earned him his greatest accolades, particularly the story of “The Death of Superman”, best seller and winner of numerous awards Since 2008 Denis has been busy on his own series L’Ordre des Dragons and L’Apogee des Dragons, published in Europe by Soleil Editions.