Help Support Roxy and Dukes, the Home of the NJProghouse Progressive Music Series

Our good friends at Roxy & Dukes (The HOME of the NJProghouse) are holding a indiegogo campaign to raise funds for improvements and expansions.

The R&D folks are an amazing group of dedicated people who strive to help promote ALL of the arts. They have many great ideas that can only come to fruition with your help.

The great thing about indiegogo is that with your pledge, no matter how big or small, Roxy & Dukes will receive that money, there is no “you did not meet your goal, sorry” , every dollar pledged will go towards their goals. We consider everyone at R&D (Jim, Lenny, Dee, David, Eddie and the rest of the crew) part of the NJP family.

Please help us in supporting their goal, as we look forward to many years of bringing you the best in live progressive music straight from Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse!

Thank You!

– Jim, Alan, Amy, Jon, Ray, mikE, Bony, Michy, Nor and the rest of the NJP “Staph”

Full information below..



Welcome to Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse!

R&D’s is many things, an entertainment venue, a cafe’/restaurant and a nightclub. But more than that, it’s a place where art is created and performed, where people from all walks are welcome to enjoy themselves with their friends or to meet new ones, a place to let your hair down and explore your wilder side and experience a wide variety of entertainment that you would normally need to travel far to and visit multiple destinations to see and hear.

Here at R&D’s we do our best to excite and entertain our patrons while providing a relaxing, warm, comfortable environment all at the same time with a style, borrowed from many, but all our own.

We have been very fortunate in being able to bring our patrons a very diverse calendar of events in the past two and a half years. Our stage has hosted original music and stage productions ranging from Jazz, Blues, Swing, Americana, Blue Grass, Indie, Alternative, Rockabilly, Punk, Ska, Metal, Circus Sideshow, Bellydance, Vaudeville, Burlesque, Comedy and more. It’s been our great pleasure that so many varied and talented artists whether they be local, from around the country and many from around the world such as Canada, South America, England, Germany, France, Austria, The Netherlands and as far away as Australia have come to join us on our stage and to be able to share that with all of you.

Our goal is to continue to always do just that and to always strive to bring our patrons the best experiences that we can.Beyond bringing in great artists, we often host themed events. For example, we have  Zombie Beauty Pageants, Beard and Mustache contests, Steampunk parties, Alternative Model and Photographer networking events, Classic car gatherings and art gallery showings and auctions. We have also become the preferred venue for our local School of Rock, giving young student musicians an opportunity to play out in front of an audience. In our off hours we open our doors for instructors to teach workshops such as Bellydance Lessons, Pin-up model classes, Burlesque workshops and Swing dance lessons. Our space is often used for photo shoots and Band Video shoots. Often there is no rental fee for these events, we are happy to help out our area artists in any way we can.

To that end, we feel that certain improvements to R&D’s would help us better serve our customers as well as the many artists that join us here which brings us to why we have launched this Indiegogo funding campaign. The items we are seeking help with are:

 1) An “Old Timey”  roofed front porch added to the entrance of the club. It would be 40′ wide and 12′ deep with a small built in area for acoustic musicians. The porch would be furnished with cocktail tables and chairs for extended bar and restaurant service and decorated to reflect old Roadhouse porches from a bygone era. Our intention is to add a new experience for our customers while also providing an element that draws attention to the establishment from passersby that have yet to visit us. Estimated Cost:$15,000

 2) The installation of a full service coffee and espresso bar.  We feel that a coffee bar will provide further choices to our customers to enjoy a tasty treat while visiting us. Not all customers come for dinner or appetizers and not all customers drink alcohol and even many that do, often, responsibly seek an alternative. We also feel, inclusion of a coffee bar may help us to provide extended operating hours and to serve a wider range of patrons. Estimated Cost: $30,000

 3) Upgrades to our sound system and stage. In the few years that we have been open we have hosted hundreds of musical and theatrical acts at R&D’s. The range of talent has been astounding. To better serve our audience and the artists themselves, we would like to install Improvements to the sound system including Powered PA speakers, Powered Monitor speakers, a new sound board and additional microphones. Additionally we would like to upgrade our stage lighting to LED lights in order to save energy and money while also providing a cooler and more comfortable experience for our artists. Lastly, our stage surface, currently plywood would be replaced by a professional surface meant to absorb sound beneficially and provide a more safe and comfortable platform for our more energetic performers. Estimated Cost: $15,000

4) Upgrades to our bar. These would include soft drink and juice gun delivery systems that would reduce storage, lower our recycling waste, save money and help our bartenders and servers be more efficient. Adding beer tap systems in order to provide more varied and affordable selections to our customers. Estimated Cost: $15,000

 5) An outdoor Tiki Bar and lounge. This would entail decoratively fencing off a 40′ x 40′ area of our back yard immediately adjacent to our bar. Building a 12′ x12′ roofed tiki hut with bar and stools as well as 10 sets of patio furniture and umbrellas. There would be a new exit constructed leading from the interior bar to the exterior Tiki Lounge. Again, we feel this will add to more diverse experiences for our customers, providing outdoor entertainment  during our Spring, Summer and Fall months.Estimated Cost: $25,000

With your help, these various projects and improvements to our already successful model can be realized in order to bring a greater level of entertainment to our diverse audience and to help us to continue to provide a productive venue where the arts in many forms can continue to thrive for many years to come.

Thank you for your time and generous donation!