Jones McGill DeCarlo: Help support their next album!

Jones McGill DeCarlo

Percy Jones | Ritchie DeCarlo | Scott McGill

Percy Jones Scott McGill Ritchie DeCarlo

“Jones McGill DeCarlo”

Consisting of legendary Fretless Bassist Percy Jones (Brand X, Eno, Soft Machine), Guitarist Scott McGill (McGill Manring Stevens/The Hand Farm/finneus gauge) and Drummer/Synthesist/Producer Ritchie DeCarlo (Ritchie Kotzen), Jones McGill DeCarlo brings creativity, compositional prowess, headphones-worthy atmospherics, and insane chops to the fore in everything they do.

The band’s previous two releases have featured cameo soundscapes by Touch Guitarist Markus Reuter of StickMen/Pat Mastelotto fame and the Legendary Bass Guru Michael Manring has done the liner notes for their second work praising their unique sound, creative compositional skills and astounding technical expertise. Their third release has been recorded and is awaiting funding for release. If you are looking for interesting creative progressive music that grooves hard, spaces way out, and serves up dizzying chops when required, then Jones McGill DeCarlo is for you.

Hello, I am Ritchie DeCarlo, drummer and producer from the band Jones McGill DeCarlo featuring Progressive Guitarist Scott McGill and the Legendary Brand X Bassist PERCY JONES!

We have completed the recording for our third album we hope to release in December 2014, but there is no label or financial backing for this release. So we are asking for your help to put this album out independently. The goal is to raise $3000.00 to cover mixing, mastering, manufacturing and digital distribution costs. We really hope to exceed this goal because we really want to give you something special in return for your support.

So any extra funds will go towards making the final product much better! If we can get close to $5000.00 we will release a limited edition Vinyl version too!! Thanks to KickStarter, packages are available for any budget, as low as $1.00 for a digital download or as high as $800.00 for a producer credit & a SNARE DRUM use during the recording and great stuff in between!

So please consider helping us out and being a part of this project. There is only a week left and every little bit helps. We GREATLY appreciate any support you can offer.

The Kickstarter is here: