NJ based The Tea Club launch Patreon campaign, offer unreleased rarities ..

from Joe Dorsey, Keyboardist for The Tea Club

We’re launching a Patreon campaign that gives all of you access to tons of unreleased Tea Club stuff. Listen to an unreleased song called “Planet Moon” (public) and watch a multi-camera angle performance of “I Shall Consume Everything” at Boot and Saddle (for Patrons). This is only scratching the surface of all the content we have prepared. Click the link below for a full description what we want to do for our supporters.



The Tea Club is a band that has been cultivating unique ideas in the form of music and visual art for more than a decade. As we continue to release new material, a vast collection of unreleased work lies beneath the surface of the public eye. We want to share this repository with our supporters while also providing an exclusive look into what the band is currently creating. By supporting our Patreon campaign, you allow us to continue our pilgrimage.

The way it works is this: If you make a monthly donation of any amount to this Patreon account, you will gain access to a private page where we will release two tracks or videos from “The Archive” each month. You’ll also get some written background for each release, a monthly video clip providing an inside look into what the band is working on, early news on upcoming tours, records, videos, graphic novels and other press, discounts on merch, and access to new releases before anyone else, as well as a few surprises.

Some of the material we’ll be making available to our Patrons includes rare demos, live recordings, unreleased studio tracks, b-sides, live videos, unreleased music videos, and lots of concept art.


Our main goal for 2017 is to record a new album with a release date in 2018. A major goal for 2018 is to professionally film and record a live in-studio concert highlighting music from the band’s entire discography. We’ve set a financial goal of $1,000 a month which would dramatically help make these plans become a reality! Your support makes these kinds of ideas possible!

Special Note, June 27th, 2017:

We are making our first post of July available to anyone who visits this page. This is the type of content we’ll be generating on a monthly basis for our Patrons! We hope you enjoy it!