R.I.P. Doug Lunn

James W Robinson Jr

Stunned and sad. I was fortunate to have met Doug on a couple of occasions. He is a NJ Proghouse artist alum. Rest In Peace.

GE Stinson

Doug Lunn, a very sweet human being and excellent musician, died this morning. I received this sad news from Gregg Bendian a few minutes ago. I’ve known Doug since the New Music Monday-Alligator Lounge days in the early 90s. The last time Doug and I played together was for Gregg‘s birthday concert at the Baked Potato a few years ago.

May the bodhisattvas greet Doug with open arms and give him refuge. May he be free from suffering and confusion. May the bodhisattvas also bring peace and comfort to Doug’s family and all who love him. Om Mani Padme Hum.