Tangekanic release their debut physical product in the form of a live album “HOTEL CANTAFFORDIT” (Recorded live at the NJProghouse)

Tangekanic release their debut physical product in the form of a live album “HOTEL CANTAFFORDIT” recorded on one night in a nice tight New Jersey club right at the end of the USA leg of their 2017 tour.

Tangekanic is a touring unit that plays the music of both The Tangent and Karmakanic and features members of both, working together in one collaborative set.

Jonas Reingold – Bass Guitar
Andy Tillison – Keyboards & Vocals
Göran Edman – Vocals
Luke Machin – Guitar
Steve Roberts – Drums

The shows were exceptionally well recieved:

“One of the most moving performances this humble reviewer has ever witnessed….. this was a performance few present will ever forget” – ROCK SOCIETY magazine

“This is an effortless masterclass through some of the finest songs the bands have to offer” – PROG Magazine

“We went across Europe and took the rather mad decision to go to the States too” says Flower Kings/Tangent/Karmakanic/Steve Hackett bass player Jonas Reingold. ” We overcame a lot of problems and went and played our music to the world and fortunately the world seemed to quite like it”

Especially Micro-Polynesia apparently, as Jonas explains on the album. As the rag-tag band of rebellious prog rockers traversed continents in uncomfortable vans, stayed in horrible (and lovely) hotels, fought their way through the sea of bureaucracy to get into the USA, got searched and starved in Switzerland, waited in the rain for breakdown trucks, lost hotels in the dark, and lived on a finely balanced shoestring tightrope for a couple of months they managed to do the shows missing one of the members who had been forced to pull out days before the tour began. They wrote a song behind stage in the hour before their show at the UK Summers End festival and blew the house down with it. They played in the open air during a thunderstorm, they had one gig cancelled in the USA without the owner bothering to contact them… they didn’t get paid at a gig in Germany despite having a great night there, and they didn’t for one second think of packing up and going home.

Those lucky enough to see the tour were unaware that in 2017 THREE members of the band would be recognised in an important magazine’s poll and gain top five instrumentalist ratings in their categories, Luke Machin coming in at #5 guitarist, Jonas Reingold as #5 bassist, Andy Tillison as #1 keyboards player in the PROG magazine poll – and not only that but the Tangent’s 2017 studio album “The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” also made #5.

Now’s the time for you to check out the opinions of the magazines, the polls, the publicity, whatever. You can hear Tangekanic play a set of songs from their most recent output on this one hour plus real live recording.. (not a studio album with audience noise), crowd funded by the band’s most loyal supporters. Made in a small intimate venue that has for years championed progressive Music in the USA, the New Jersey Proghouse. Hear Karmakanic’s half hour epic “God The Universe and Everything Else Nobody Really cares About” butted up to The Tangent’s straight between the eyes instrumental “Doctor Livingstone I Presume” and yes, you can get to hear the track that got everyone talking “Sanctuary In Music” complete with its 30 seconds of silence for the victims of three concert massacres of recent years.

It was the boldest and most amazing of adventures.

The album is available to pre-order now at

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The album is now out for pressing!