To all of our friends,families & supporters… please be safe..

Greetings faithful NJProghouse friends, families & supporters,

As “Superstorm Sandy” rapidly approaches our backyards, we wanted to say to all of you thank you for all of your support over the years.  Please do not ignore any warnings and end up risking your life.

Without you, there would be NO NJProghouse…..the fans, our friends, the long list of many talented artists that have graced our stage(s) over the years…..that is what NJProghouse is all about….  Please be safe, we will all ride this through..

2013 brings many surprises for everyone  😎

The NJProghouse ‘Staph’,

Jim, Jon, Ray (and the rest of the Loboda family) , Alan & Amy, Bony & Michy, mikE + Fam., Kenny, Karl, Greg.