Keneally-Bendian-Lunn: (NJProghouse May 26, 2014)

Mike Keneally (guitar/keyboard/voice) / Gregg Bendian (drums/percussion/voice) / Doug Lunn (bass)

Pride Is A Sin
Skies of Los Angeles
Archaic Peace Strategies
Backwards Deb
Hamsterdam (Lunn)
Raining Here, Inside
Current (Bendian)
Lil’/That’s Why I Have No Name/Lil’
DyslexiaMangoNixon (Lunn)
The Barbarian – excerpt (Bartok/Emerson)
Your House
Hysteresis – for Beefheart (Bendian)
We’re Rockin’ All Night With The Tangy Flavor of Cheddar/Everybody’s Goin’ To Heaven (Rundgren)
Surf’s Up (Wilson)
Ugly Town

All music by Mike Keneally except as noted.

Recorded Live at the NJProghouse Progressive Music Series @ Roxy & Dukes, Dunellen NJ USA