MIRTHRANDIR – “Number Two” (guitar solo excerpt) live at the NJ Proghouse 2.26.2006

Having originally disbanded in the 1970s (with an isolated reunion performance taking place in 1980), Mirthrandir reformed toward the middle of the new millennium’s first decade. Armed with four original band members, along with two new guitarists, this new incarnation of the group was proud to have made its live debut at the NJ Proghouse on February 25, 2006.

In honor of the five-year anniversary of this event, I thought I’d share this brief excerpt from the show. It comes from an unreleased tune that is simply entitled “Number Two” and predates all the material heard on Mirthrandir’s self-titled debut LP from 1976. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this little memento from a very special show!

Lineup (left to right):

Simon Gannett – keyboards
Alan Benjamin – guitar
Robert Arace – drums
John Vislocky III – vocals
James Miller – bass
John E. Callahan III – guitar