Welcome to the NEW NJProghouse Website!

It’s been a long time coming….  but we finally have a new website..

The ticketing system we are using now is not what I had originally planned on……

Unfortunately earlier today the system decided to not do anything it is supposed to do, and all the things it should not…

Lucky for me I had a plan b…

There are a few sections of  I am currently working on, hopefully will be finished by early next week.

  • Historical show dates.. which will reside here
  • Alumni (Names and links of bands that have performed for the NJP)
  • Photos (for those of you that have tons of great pictures from over the years, let us know)
  • and of course the “Staph” page…  For those unaware, the “Staph” are the collective of people who are the NJProghouse.
Getting back on the subject of photos… Our previous hosting company “Lost” quite a bit of data including quite a few galleries.  I am asking of the fine folks that have been to numerous shows (with good cameras) please let us have some of the photos. We will give you full credit for each gallery you can help provide.

We will have a more formal ribbon cutting when everything is finished…….


– Jon