NJProghouse Photo Galleries

Photos from over the years.
Due to a disaster with our previous hosting company, we lost quite a bit of photos.. If anyone has photos please email us at [email protected] and we will give you full credit in the gallery.

Tom Brislin & Friends: July 12,2014

photos by: Alan Benjamin

NJProghouse Homecoming 2013 (photos by Alan Benjamin)

The Aristocrats: August 3, 2013 (Linnea Estes Photography)

Riverside & Jolly May 6, 2013 (Photography by Christina Ricciardi)

Photography by Christina Ricciardi http://www.wheresmything.com/

Jolly & Riverside May 6, 2013

photos by: Alan Benjamin

Stretch: 5/8/2009

Artist: Stretch ( Dave Larue, Glen Alexander, Bill Elder) Date: May 8, 2009 Venue: NJProghouse Presents @ Rock’n Joes, Kendall Park NJ Photo Credit: Alan Benjamin

Riverside: Crossroads Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ (September 12th, 2008 )

All photos by: Artistic Expressions http://www.artisticexpressionsvideo.com/

Frogg Café (4.12.2007) Old Franklin Schoolhouse